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TEAM Sami Menasce Brasil Ozônio - SP

BrasilOzônio has been involved for almost a decade in research and development to offer the Brazilian market the best possible solutions for the treatment, sanitization, sterilization and oxidation of water, customized for several different applications, processes and peculiarities. The BRO3 SYSTEM, developed, tested and produced by BrasilOzônio at CIETEC - CENTRO INCUBADOR DE EMPRESAS TECNOLÓGICAS – recognized as the most important of its type in Latin America and situated within the prestigious University of São Paulo, presents certified efficiency in the removal of microbial, toxic levels of organic compounds and heavy metals. Compact, modular and easily installed with low energy consumption levels, the BRO3 SYSTEM dispenses, in most cases, investments with special civil construction projects, and, as a rule, adapts to the most varied of existing environments. INVESTMENT: open for business•
Sunday, August 14, 2011
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

Natura EKOS

DESIGN Romy Hayashi e Viviane Conrado | Chelles & Hayashi Design | São Paulo – SP
CLIENT Natura Cosméticos | Cajamar – SP

ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR THE NATURA EKOS TOILETRIES PACKAGE, this project was inspired by the Boi Bumbá folk festival from Parintins, in the Brazilian Amazon. The design captures the richness of graphic expressions and the charm of the Amazonian folklore. As you rotate the bottle of Ópera Amazônica Canto Azul blue bath oil, the arrangement of design elements on the label shows a star shining in the sky. When you rotate the bottle of Ópera Amazônica Canto Vermelho red bath oil, a heart shows. MATERIALS: Four color container, Ripasa offset paper over ecopack cardboard 280g, PET plastic bottle with silk-screen printing, and plastic lid with anodized aluminium cover. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Container: Width: 87 mm. Height: 155 mm. Length: 87 mm. Bottle: Height: 151 mm. Diameter: 85 mm. PRICE: R$ 64.80•
Saturday, August 06, 2011
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

Puff Alezzia - Model F525

Clarisse Rodrigues, Pedro Paulo e Alexandre Nascimento Alezzia Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CLIENT Alezzia Rio de Janeiro – RJ
THE PUFF ALEZZIA - MODEL F525 IS A MODERN FURNITURE THAT MATCHES the most varied styles. Its structure is firm but light passes through their rounded shapes. Its sleek design makes it possible to group these parts into different sets, according to the needs of the environment. Its design allows a gentle rocking. This product is designed to support up to 100kg. The black courissimo is the key padded to suit any environment. Its modern design is combining well with the delicate structure of stainless steel. This product can be used in law offices, accounting, engineering and other industries seeking to pass sobriety. The black color allows this product combines well with classic designs. MATERIALS: Black courissimo, stainless steel AISI 304, brushed finish. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Height 412mm, Length 470mm and Width 490mm. PRODUCT WEIGHT: 5kg. LOAD SUPPORTED: 110kg, tested with a seated person. PRICE: R$ 698,00•
Friday, August 05, 2011
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo


DESIGN Henrique Galante, Isabella Vianna, Marco Lima, Paulo Nakamura, Valeria Santos Fiat Automóveis S.A. Betim – MG
CLIENT Fiat Automóveis S.A. Betim – MG

A CONCEPT CAR DESIGNED AS A TEST-BED FOR NEW MATERIALS, RAW materials and sustainable technologies in a setting closer to the production reality of the automotive market. The Fiat Novo Uno Ecology presents an innovative internal design feature resulting in a new aesthetic. The appreciation of the ecological aspect can be seen in dye-free fabric and paintfree parts that result in a unique combination between boldness and lightness of natural materials. The vehicle runs only on ethanol and has a start-stop system to shut off the engine at fast stops, solar cells placed in the roof to recharge batteries, seats upholstered with coir fi ber fabric, recycled PET bottle mats, and paint based water. R&D was used throughout the entire design process whenever it became necessary to seek alternative solutions to improve results and reduce environmental impacts. The methods and their integration into R&D of materials and technologies were innovative in the context of the company, since the priority was the implementation of ecological solutions to the concept car. The Novo Uno Ecology is part of a broader initiative undertaken by Fiat to develop R&D focused on improving the eco-effi ciency of its cars.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

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