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Oil Sorb

Oil Sorb is a natural product, non toxic, with high standards for oil absorbance, greases and others organic composites.

The Oil Sorb absorbent line are used in normal conditions when oil is spread or emitted, or when an oil spill situation occurs. The HydroClean line of Oil Sorb absorbent is prepared to prevent environment damages or risks to people security.

Many important industries have already used and perceived the benefits of the Oil Sorb as an ally to struggle against greasy and oil substances. The main vertical markets that uses Oil Sorb line are from oil & gas, chemistry, mines, energy and food & beverages industries. Others great users are from the public sector, as water effluents treatment.

Developed by engineer Jader Martins from Federal University of Ouro Preto, the Oil Sorb is a hidrophobic mineral sponge driven from vermiculite, a non toxic mineral which expands 20 times with the application of heat (1000ºC ~ 1832ºF) producing a filament that can absorb 5 times its weight in oil, grease and fat.

There is a plenty of vermiculite in Brazil (Piaui, Goias, Paraiba and Bahia), a thermic and acoustic isolant mineral used in the production of light bricks and now being used to clean waterstrains and rivers. Oil Sorb (US$ 5.00/Kg) is cheaper than the peat imported from Canada (US$ 25.00/Kg) to absorb oil from waterfalls.

The residues obtained with Oil Sorb utilization after oil absorbance can also be used in Portland Cement processing and fabrication. It is possible because this residues contains two basic components: The oil, that generates heat and the Oil Sorb itself, made by a substance commonly used in cement production.

Belo Horizonte, MG
Phone: + 55 31 3264-5900
Monday, October 09, 2006
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

Claro IdeiasTV

IdeiasTV is a Mobile TV service launched (02) by Claro1 in a parternship with MobiTV2. There are eight traditional TV channels (CNN, Cartoon Networks, A&E, History Channel, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Bloomberg, Maxx Esportes), Fashion TV and one specially made for mobiles (ESPN Mobile). From the ten channels only CNN, Fashion TV and Maxx Sports are not in portuguese.

Avaliable at the first momment only to the Nokia models 3250 (US$ 600.00), N80 (US$ 1,000.00), E63 (US$ impratical) and Palm Treo 650 (US$ 800.00) – the reasonable price for a mobile in Brazil is US$ 200.00. The service has already two competitors, Vivo Play 3G and Tim TV Access.

Pre-Paid and Post-Paid clients have access to the application which is downloaded from Claro WAP Portal ( Claro created three different subscriber plans: US$ 1.50/day, US$ 5.00/week or US$ 15.00/month. And US$ 17.50 (10Mb); US$ 40.00 (40Mb) or US$ 70.00 for unlimited download.

The service is too much expensive to the brazilian average pocket and not even a brazilian news channel (Globo International, Globonews or Band News) is among the ten ones. In spite of the streaming MobiTV service, if a regular TV-on-a-chip could be part of a US$ 200.00 model, at least 21 million Claro users could watch our commercials, soap operas, TV series, football matches, educational programs on the bus, trains, undergrounds and everywhere.

1 Claro (Telecom Americas) is the brazilian subsidiary of America Movil. America Movil (Public, NYSE:AMX) is a publicly traded wireless communications company that provides services to over 93.3 million wireless subscribers in Latin America as of December 31st 2005. The company has been a venture of Carlos Slim Helu. World headquarters is located in Mexico City, Mexico. It was ranked number 1 Information Technology company in 2005 by the Business Week magazine.

2 MobiTV formerly called Idetic, was founded in 1999. The company's products incorporating the technology are ReachINTERNET, for Web acceleration and optimization; ReachWiFi, a multinetwork bridge; and ReachTV, a media bridge. Through its service, wireless service providers are able to feed live TV broadcasts to their subscribers' cell phones. MobiTV works with such tech vendors as Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, and Sun Microsystems.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

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