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The Invisible Woman

DIRECTORS Claudio Torres | Selton Mello | Rio de Janeiro – RJ
PRODUCERS Claudio Torres | Guel Arraes | Conspiracao Filmes | Rede Globo | Rio de Janeiro – RJ
DISTRIBUTOR Globo Television | Rio de Janeiro – RJ

THE SERIES THE INVISIBLE WOMAN BY CLAUDIO TORRES AND GUEL ARRAES WAS ONE OF THE WINNERS OF the International Emmy Awards, held on 19/11/2012. Considered the Oscars of TV, the coproduction of Conspiração Filmes and Rede Globo, won in the Comedy category. It is the first time that an independent Brazilian producer wins award for playwriting at the International Emmy, the most important of the TV world. The team went to New York Conspiracy conferring ceremony of the 40th edition of the International Emmy Awards. Claudio Torres, director of the series, Luiz Noronha, CEO TV, Gil Ribeiro, Director General of the producer, Ricardo Rangel, Director of Operations and Cecilia Grosso, director of production of the series, were also present at the awards. The Invisible Woman has been winning at a major award categories - comedy - defeating prominent productions such as Absolutely Fabulous series, an icon of humor in British TV and the BBC Spy, both the UK and What if, Belgium. With 13 episodes aired in two seasons last year by Globo TV, the series follows the story of the couple Peter (Selton Mello) and Clarisse (Débora Falabella), working in the same company and live a complicated phase. To escape marital problems, Peter invents Amanda (Luana Piovani), a stunning lover who only he can see. Various talents participated in the project awarded, and Claudio Torres and Guel Arraes subscribed script Mauro Wilson, Leandro Assis and Jorge Furtado. Carolina Jabor directed five episodes of 13 and also signs as executive producer. Like Conspiração President, Pedro Buarque de Hollanda, who is also executive producer of the series. The actor Selton Mello, besides standing out as the protagonist, directed four episodes. "The Invisible Woman" is based on the eponymous film by Claudio Torres, released in theaters in 2009.

Saturday, December 22, 2012
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

Innovation Island

The city of Rio de Janeiro is home to universities for excellence in industry and research centers as CENPES Petrobras and Technology Park at UFRJ Ilha do Fundão, are reporting units of companies worldwide as Schlumberger, Halliburton and GE.

Monday, July 02, 2012
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

GE invests $252 million in Research Center

In order to leverage the researches and obtain favorable results in Brazil, GE announced an investment of $252 million in the Global Research Center in Ilha do Fundão (state of Rio de Janeiro). In addition, GE do Brasil launched on this Thursday (May 24) the Cornerstone of the project, scheduled for completion in the second half of 2013. The total investment will be completed within five years, after the Global Research Center has entered into full operation. The new center will generate 200 jobs initially, with total capacity for 400 researchers.

Thus, until the new space is ready, GE will continue to work in the Technological Park of UFRJ, where it has been since September last year, and has over 50 professionals working in three areas of research: Biofuels, Intelligent Systems and Integration Systems. "Thanks to this pioneering model for Brazil, our Global Research Center will have then more than one Center of Excellence. It will be focused on developing innovations to Subsea, which will meet the particularities related to the pre-salt and other opportunities," said Ken Herd, leader of the GE's Global Research Center in Brazil.

The Global Research Center has works in progress in the three Centers of Excellence already established. On Biofuels, we can highlight the researches on vinasse and bagasse, biofuels for aviation and natural gas-powered locomotives. The Center of Excellence in Intelligent Systems works in advanced automation, diagnostics for electric power, oil and gas industry, aviation and land transport. Works with optimization for transport, optimization of mine-port route and logistics efficiency are the priorities in Systems Integration.
Thursday, May 24, 2012
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

Bug Agentes Biológicos

Bio-warfare against destructive larva, but instead of using pesticides they spray the fields of crops with wasps. Like an invading army, they devoured the larva... What a brilliant idea. "Killer wasps! Fear not--this isn’t the movies. These predatory insects are the good guys, programmed to target only their natural enemy (which is not your scrawny behind). Bug Agentes Biológicos mass-produces wasps to combat larvae and stinkbugs that threaten sugarcane and soybean plants, two of Brazil’s largest cash crops. This past year, Bug perfected a way to spray its wasps onto soy fields, just as pesticides are spread via airplane. "We can liberate the insects in the right dose, at the right speed, and with the right protection so they can be effective," says Francisco Jardim, a Brazilian VC who has invested in Bug and sits on its board. Wasps, for example, need to be protected until their wings grow big enough for flight, or else ants present a threat. (Isn’t nature grand?)"

Rod. Piracicaba/Charqueada, km 176 + 100m
Piracicaba - SP - CEP: 13411-097
Fone: (+55) 19 3435 - 7435/ 3425.2002
Saturday, March 03, 2012
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

Cane Diesel - heading for 2016

A project named Diesel de Cana - rumo a 2016 (Cane Diesel - heading for 2016), which uses sustainable technology developed by the company Amyris Brasil, was launched in Rio during the 1st Seminar on Sustainable Technologies in Transport. The initiative is a result of a partnership between the Rio de Janeiro state government, the Rio deJaneiro city hall and the Federation of Passenger Transport Companies of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Fetranspor).

In the coming 12 months, the project will test the addition of 30% of diesel made from sugarcane to fossil diesel on a bus in Rio de Janeiro. The test results will be presented during Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, due to be held in Rio in June 2012. The product was developed by company Amyris Brasil.
Monday, January 09, 2012
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

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