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Rio 2096, A Story of Love and Fury

DIRECTOR Luiz Bolognesi
PRODUCERS Fabiano Gullane | Caio Gullane | Luiz Bolognesi | Laís Bodanzky | Marcos Barreto | Debora Ivanov | Gabriel Lacerda | Rio de Janeiro – RJ

"RIO 2096, A STORY OF LOVE AND FURY" IS A BRAZILIAN ANIMATED FILM revolving around the love between an immortal hero and Janaína, the woman he has been in love with for 600 years. Luiz Bolognesi has set the story in four phases of Brazil’s history: colonization, slavery, military regime and the future, in 2096, in the midst of wars for water. Targeting both youngsters and adults alike with a graphic novel slant to it, the film stars the voice talents of Selton Mello and Camila Pitanga as the two main characters. The feature film also counts on the voice of Rodrigo Santoro as an Indian Chief and warrior. Award-winning screenplay writer, Luiz wrote the screenplays for Brainstorm (2001), Ballroom (2007), Birdwatchers (2009) and The Best Things in the World (2010). He also directed and wrote the script for the documentary series Lutas.doc (2011). RUNTIME: 98 min. BUDGET: R$ 4.5 Milions.

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo


DESIGN Alessandro Vassallo, Luz Romero e Juliana Callia – VRD Research | São Paulo – SP

NODE TRANSCENDS THE TRADITIONAL PADLOCK CONCEPT AND EXPLORE new dynamics of use. A young, stylish and cosmopolitan padlock, node features a groundbreaking tight locking system that experiments with new possibilities. The product was designed to allow multipurpose uses. As its name suggests, the node Padlock forms a “knot” to hold the object tight through its flexible steel cable which is pulled into lock position. The node Padlock unleashes the imagination of users who can use it either to secure a backpack or on a packet of biscuits. The main goal of Papaiz, the node manufacturer, was to develop new business opportunities, while gaining competitive advantage in the padlock market through innovation. The company sought the collaboration of Vrd research to reposition its products on the market by balancing people’s desire for security and for privacy, while exploring the versatility and functionality of the Papaiz products.MATERIALS: Zamac zinc alloy, carbon steel and engineered plastic. product DIMENSIONS: 25 mm WEIGHT: 0.45 kg. PRICE: R$25.00•

Sunday, March 17, 2013
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo


DESIGN Alessandra Schiper | Atelier Schiper | Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CLIENT Atelier Schiper

THIS FLEXIBLE LUXURY ITEM ADAPTS TO ANY FINGER REGARDLESS of the size of the hand. The extend ring is yet another exciting creation by Atelier schiper. Thanks to its versatility, the piece enhances the appeal beyond a typical ring without compromising basic features such as beauty and comfort. The groundbreaking design of the ring conceived by Alessandra schiper is the result of extensive research, the intensive use of new laser technologies, as well as simulations and tests that enabled the designer to reach the final shape. MATERIALS: white or yellow 18-carat gold with nine 0.1 point diamonds. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 13 cm closed – 22 cm open (at its maximum aperture). WEIGHT: 7.5 g. PRICE: R$3,960.00.
Friday, March 15, 2013
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo


DESIGN Liana Brazil, Russ Rive, Marcelo Pontes | Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CLIENT Embratur, Fundacao Roberto Marinho, TIM, Nike, Globo, Natura, COB.

SUPERUBER WORKS AT THE CONVERGENCE OF ART, TECHNOLOGY, AND DESIGN. Combining a creative agency, technology lab, and an architecture studio SuperUber creates multimedia and interactive projects for culture, education, entertainment and advertising. With offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and New York, SuperUber creates experiences throughout the world. SuperUber’s work ranges from individual installations to entire multimedia, interactive, and architectural projects for museums, exhibitions, events, stores, performances, and festivals. SuperUber’s main projects include: the installation “Kinetic Play” for Embratur, at Times Square (USA); the sculpture “OctoCloud” for The Creators Project, USA and Spain;  “Word’s Alley”, at the Portuguese Language Museum (Brazil); the video mapping set design for SporTV channel; the set design and multimedia project for Open Air festivals (Brazil); the projection for the launch of the Olympic Games logo Rio 2016; the architectural multimedia project for Nike concept-store (Brazil); and the game “Super Pong”, which participated in exhibitions in Germany, India, England, USA and Brazil. SuperUber participated in the Mines and Metal Museum, in the TIM UFMG Knowledge Center, and did the multimedia and interactive project for the Minas Gerais Memorial, which are part of the Praça da Liberdade Cultural Circuit, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

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