Posted by : Fabiano Gallindo Thursday, June 22, 2006

THE BIGGEST BRAZILIAN FAST FOOD CHAIN, HABIB'S* opened its first shop in 1988, in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo state. Since that has innovated in various ways delivering new products and services that combine efficiency, originality but above all a clearly respect and knowledge about its market, the low and middle income population.
Low prices, variety and high performance in quality are the foundations which have brought Habib´s two prizes by ABF - Brazilian Franchising Association and an Alshop - Brazilian Association of Shopping Vendors prize (the brazilian retailer "oscar").
The Habib's relationship politics with its customers and the adjustment to the Brazilian pockets, brought in these 16 years a recognized success together the average consumer. The company presents respectable numbers as 120 million meals served/year, beyond a patrimony of 12 a thousand employee right-handers, responsible for all the operacionaliztion of the brand an essential part of the Habib's success.

The growth index translates the investments carried through in the 9 central offices of manipulation and distribution of menu itens, delivered through more than 260 shops in the main regions of the country.
Habib´s has also innovated on the structural and intelectual capital of the company in building 9 interdependent enterprises that work toghether on the operationalization of the brand: an Industrial Bakery (Arabian Bread), 2 Ice cream factories (Ice Lip's and Portofino), Dairy products (Promilat), Contact Center (VOXLINE), Marketing (PPM), Engineering and Projects (Vector 7), Franchising (Franconsult) and Real estate Consulting (Planej).

The most popular products at Habib's are the esfiha - a small, round flatbread topped with minced beef or cheese - and the kibe - a croquette of beef shaped like a rugby ball.
These are deliberately priced as low as possible. Esfihas sell for 69 Brazilian centavos (31 cents) each, with the price falling to 39 centavos in some special offers.
Although people of Arab descent make up a mere 7% of the Brazilian population, delicacies as hummus, stuffed vine leaves and tabouleh as part of its menu are being delivered at this time in less than "28 minutes" at home in every city that has a Habib's store.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Telephone: + 55 0800 775 6000
* Habib's is a Brazilian fast food chain. Specialising in Arabic cuisine, it has more than 260 outlets across the country and has recently begun expansion into foreign markets. Habib's is the second largest fast food chain in Brazil, second only to McDonald's.

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