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André Lobo, Indio da Costa, Felipe Rangel | Indio da Costa Design | Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CLIENT Pnaples | Rio de Janeiro – RJ

THIS INNOVATIVE RENDITION OF A BAR CHAIR IS MADE FROM high-resistance recycled raw materials – discarded electronic products – and boasts a long life cycle. The IC01 ECO is manufactured from a single mold. It provides an alternative for the plastic furniture sector where there is an abundance of low cost and low quality products with doubtful design and very short useful life. The chair was conceived with a focus on features such as geometry, harmony and consistency. Its minimalist and timeless package was designed with the retailer in mind and consists of a recycled cardboard box that can fit five stacked chairs. MATERIALS: Recycled ABS. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Height: 572 mm. Width: 768 mm. Length: 484 mm. Weight: 3. 5 kg. PRICE: R$ 212. 00•
Saturday, January 02, 2010
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

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