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DESIGN Leonardo Queiroz, Manuel Ferreira, Peter Fassbender, Rafael Peixoto e Renata Tanure Fiat Automóveis Betim – MG
CLIENT Fiat Automóveis Betim – MG
FIRST EXHIBITED AT THE 2009 SÃO PAULO CAR SHOW, THE FIAT FCC II is a concept car combining style and functionality. The vehicle was developed wholly in Brazil in the record-breaking time of six months and its key feature is its electric motor that does not impact the environment and is free of greenhouse gas emissions. The FCC II runs on 93 ion lithium batteries that can be charged in any 220 volt socket. The use of natural fibers to produce its components and upholstery reinforces its slogan of comfort and efficiency in line with environment conservation. The vehicle boasts a stylish design, sportive lines and a recyclable body that enhance its identity. It can carry two passengers and reach a 120 km/h speed. The prototype design and technology embodies Fiat’s commitment to sustainable practices through a differentiated product capable of pleasing and surprising different kinds of consumers. MATERIALS: Tubular chassis, environment friendly materials like curauá fiber on the hood and nanopolymers on the pedals. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Height: 1,363 mm. Between axles: 2,170 mm. Width: 1,830 mm. Length: 3,317 mm. Approximate weight: 850 kg. PROTOTYPE COST: R$ 1 million•
Saturday, May 28, 2011
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

SACI 2.0 Robot

André Lunardi de Souza, Antonio Roberto Lins de Macedo ARMTEC Tecnologia em Robótica Fortaleza – CE
CLIENT ARMTEC Tecnologia em Robótica Fortaleza – CE

A ROBOT TO FIGHT FIRES, REPAIR GAS LEAKEGES and other accidents. Remotely controlled, it protects users from face-to- face contact with fire or toxic substances. MATERIALS: Stainless steel structure, fire-fighting cannon made of bronze or aluminum; stainless steel belts; up to 15 electrical batteries; electrical engines; controlled by means of cable and/or RF; and LGE storage tanks. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Height: 1, 500 mm. Width: 1, 600 mm. Length: 1, 800 mm. Weight: 800 kg. PRICE: R$ 250,000.00•
Thursday, May 05, 2011
Posted by Fabiano Gallindo

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